Thursday, September 24, 2009

1250 Traverse

The 1250 Automatic Traverse can be interfaced to the 1201 series Bobbin Winders to automatically lay the wire into the work piece by traversing back and forth relative to the wire diameter and speed of the bobbin winder. This eliminates the operator from having to hand lay the wire onto the work piece. The 1250 Automatic Traverse is physically mounted on the 1217-3 base plate and located to the right and slightly behind the winder. The wire is tensioned controlled by a dereeler located behind the traverse and fed over the traverse's wire support arm to the work piece. The 1250 Automatic Traverse uses a high precision stepper motor with a powerful microprocessor which provides high precision settings and movement controls to provide excellent layering capability. The traverse is easily set up by simply setting the wire diameter (pitch) and the traverse length by thumbwheel switches and establishing the home(s) and starting traverse direction. The number of turns and speed are established by the 1201 Bobbin Winder. It’s that simple. Flexible tooling for wire feeding allows for multiple bobbins or coils to be wound at the same time to increase your production output.
Theory Of OperationThe 1250 Automatic Traverse uses a photoelectric pick up which senses rotation and direction of the 1201 Bobbin Winder. In the basic operation mode every rotation or fraction thereof, the traverse carriage moves a specific distance as specified by the “Pitch” setting. The carriage will continue travel in one direction until it reaches the distance specified in the “Length” setting upon which it will reverse direction. It will continue in this manner until the number of turns are reached as programmed on the bobbin winder. The initial home position and directions are set by the operator. Additional built in programs allow several winding modes including layer winding, multi-home, variable pitch, variable layering and prototyping universal winding.

Controls/Status LightsPower, Jog Right and Left, Initialize home positions, Go home (right and left), Manual and Auto stops, Pitch Settings, Length Settings, At Home, Manual vs. Auto Mode, will move right/left, Over speed warning, Full-half step mode, Normal/fine pitch, program mode.

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The 1201 Series Bobbin Winder is our extremely popular bench top Bobbin Winder. This Bobbin Winder is well suited for medium to fine wire winding applications, and has an electronic counter with either a 7 mm (1/4") or 1/2" arbor, a DC motor, and a foot rheostat pedal to control the start and speed of the Bobbin Winder.